Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer (Thoughts)

Official poster for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars fans were in for a treat during the Star Wars Episode IX panel, now officially titled ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, at the Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 event as we now got a look at some of our beloved characters, and most importantly, we have a new teaser trailer.

Oh man, do I have a lot of thoughts about this one. I’ll just be talking about some of the highlights that I found interesting. Let’s delve into them.

Rey with her lightsaber (Source:

We first see Rey on a desert planet (either Jakku, Tatooine, Jedha, or god forbid, a new one). I’m assuming that she was getting some training in from the way she was breathing heavily in the beginning, with her newly fixed lightsaber. It seems as she was anticipating something, then we see that a Tie Silencer ship was dashing towards her at full speed. Here’s where my thoughts ran wild.

Rey jumping over a TIE Silencer (Source:

One minute into the teaser trailer and my mind was buzzing wildly. Firstly, I’m going to assume that it was Ben Solo/Kylo Ren piloting that TIE Silencer. Now, I expected to see him trying to gun her down. Then, Rey started running away from the ship and did this awesome flip/jump over the ship. Now hold on, it doesn’t look like Rey and Kylo were fighting against each other. It appears as if they were training together. What? I mean, if that was him in the ship, he would have easily fired on her, plus, she had her back turned, as if she knew what was going to happen. And who thought of killing your enemies by trying to run over them? That would seriously be anticlimactic as hell. Does this mean they will be teaming up again and training together at the same time to defeat the big bad? We’ll see.

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo in battle (Source:

Speaking of, there he is. Kylo Ren is presumably in the midst of a battle against the Resistance, or some other faction, I can’t tell from this footage but some people pointed out that he may be taking down his own Knights of Ren. But I’m going to assume he was going against the Resistance here because this footage appears to be from the first act of the movie.

Kylo Ren’s mask (Source:

Well, looks like the mask is back. I’m assuming that we’re seeing Kylo repairing his mask after he broke it in The Last Jedi. However, look closely at the hands in the trailer and it was obviously not him, because those hands appear to be furry. Now why would someone else repair the mask for him if he can do it himself? I thought this was something to take note of.

Finn and Poe Dameron (Source:

I’m excited to see these two team up on a mission together. According to some of the cast members at the panel, we’re going to see the Resistance gang team up and go on an adventure. I’m just excited to see the whole gang interact and observe their dynamics with each other.

Lando Calrissian in the Millenium Falcon (Source:

Lando Calrissian! It’s heartwarming to see Billy Dee Williams reprise his role as Lando in the final instalment of the sequel trilogy. He appears to be wearing the same (somewhat) outfit as the ones in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’. I love this callback a lot and we get to see him reunited with his ship (L3-37 I know you’re there)!

Rey with Leia Organa (Source:

I teared up seeing this moment. We all know how heartbreaking it is that the beloved late Carrie Fisher could not be here with us at the end. So seeing Rey with a tear running down her cheek while hugging Leia broke my heart. I’m not sure how much she is going to be in this movie, though it was reported a while back that they were going to use the unused footage shot from ‘The Force Awakens’.

Finn, Poe Dameron and Rey (

While on their adventure, we see Finn, Poe, and Rey stumble across something that I couldn’t make out at first. Well, turns out that it was the second Death Star as someone had pointed out. Does this mean that their adventure was on Endor? Or one of Endor’s moons (I don’t know how many there are)? But what about that earlier shot of them on a desert planet? Seems that they are venturing from planet to planet to find the MacGuffin.

Smash cut to black. Then we hear a chilling laughter that we have not heard in years.

Wait a minute, was that Emperor Palpatine? The Sheev Palpatine? Darth Sidious?

Understandably, this moment in the trailer took everyone by surprise because who would expect to hear the Emperor in the sequel trilogy? No one expected that! The one thing that I loved hearing that he will be in this movie (somehow) is that most if not everyone’s assumption that Kylo Ren as the big bad villain shifted towards Palpatine instead. Know that Palpatine is my favourite villain of this saga. He is a more cold, calculating, and manipulating villain compared to Kylo Ren. He was the one who orchestrated Order 66 that destroyed the Jedi Order and the Republic for God’s sake! More evidence that Ben Solo is going to be redeemed in my opinion.

Then we finally get to see the title. Skywalker? Now who could that be? *cough Ben Solo the last of the living Skywalker lineage *cough. The Rise of Skywalker? I have to admit, I was completely thrown off by the title reveal because I couldn’t make sense of it at first. But it grew on me and found myself liking it more. Man, they really are trying to shove Ben Solo’s redemption into our faces instead of beating around the bush huh? Ben, being the last living Skywalker, rises through the darkness that has consumed him since birth to confront Palpatine, who was responsible for this whole mess in the first place by manipulating Anakin Skywalker into believing that he could save the love of his life, Padme Amidala by embracing the dark side? Wow.

December could not come fast enough.










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